The Unvoiced 未言之聲

About the things hidden in our spoken words.

In this book, I was looking for the faint relation between communication, dialogue, language, sound and voice.

I started to collect, record the imprints left by “voice” in my life, and try to depict the voices of my friends. Sometimes when the expression is not visible, the voice only could be more natural, conveying clearer information. In one’s voice ,buried are his bias ,phobia, hidden characteristics and the attitude toward the very listener.

So the same words may not always convey the same message, when what they have is just the function of informing. If I had known the way of deciphering, I could tell the right moment of farewell.

Thanks for sharing your voice with me



First chapter content - The Voice from People

Passage - Get warmed up by one's voice

Second chapter content - The Voice from Sensation

Passage - White Noise

Passage - Departure

Fifth chapter content - The Voice from Illusion

Passage - Looking inside