The Labyrinth 師走と森

“After being with traumatized December, Mori entered December’s unsolved memories trying to heal her, but ended up being a sacrifice to her past.”

"It’s both lucky and dangerous for me to be qualified to enter your labyrinth in this intimate relationship.
If I’m lucky enough to be the right one, I can heal you from inside. But if I’m not, I’ll lose myself and be burnt like a moth in your candlelight. "
--– Mori

The Labyrinth is my original graphic novel, which I’ve been working on in the past year. It’s about two flawed characters, how they met during their study as International students in Kyoto, shared their struggle, healed each other in some way, and eventually left each other.

December (雨宮 師走 あめみや しわす):
Female, 26 year-old graduate student who studies Psychology (Ethics Emphasis) in Kyoto University
With bipolar disorder and long-term insomnia
Independent, inquisitive, ambitious, self-motivated high-achiever

Morii (水無月 森井 みなづき もりい):
Female, 25 year-old graduate student who studies Graphic novel in Kyoto Seika University
With a history of depression and self-injury.
Incisive, empathetic, polyglot with slight multi-personalities

  • For Thesis Project
  • Date 2017-Present
  • Type Graphic Novel