Everyday with Echo

I always ended up contemplating you in silence,
when you frown a little while doing listening test;
when you are immersed in your lecture;
when you’re playing guitar in mind flow and forget everything around.
Thanks to the mundane daily life, I get to know a lot more aspects of you: The Echo Sheep, Echo Snake, Echo Bird, Echo Coyote, Echo Octopus, Echo Hamster…. The more I look at you and the more I know you, the more I feel that my clumsy hand can’t depict you to the fullest.

All I can put down, are just your tiny tiny fragments.
Please let me depict your soul by rest of my life.

如果第一次和你的旅行是甜點buffet裡高糖份的cupcake,現在每日和你的生活就是新出爐的,溫暖的garlic bread。——剛剛好的糖分和養料,吃很久也不怕蛀牙的程度。日常的色澤被時間逐渐稀释——像是原本飽和度很高的畫,在日光長期暴曬下會慢慢褪色——可是這樣的日常,也是閃閃發光。因為時間是必然的因素,因為我們在寫「時間」賜予我們的試卷。
常常會盯著你看。在你彈「無題」的時候;在你皺著眉頭聽英文的時候;在你認真上課屏蔽掉周圍一切事物的時候;在你彈琴時忘記控制表情,嘴角上揚的時候。——正因為平凡的日常,我才得以了解方方面面的你:Echo羊,Echo蛇,Echo鳥鳥,Echo Coyote,Echo章魚,Echo倉鼠⋯⋯

希望我們的時間 還有很多很多。

  • For Echo
  • Date 2020
  • Type Illustration, Comics

Wanna Be In The Same Mug With You

Wanna Be In The Same Mug With You

Wanna Be In The Same Mug With You

Wanna Be In The Same Mug With You

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