Long-distance diary 遠距離日記

“Long-distance relationship” is a new course for Echo and I since 2021 May. so here I try to keep this visual diary to record it.

  • For Echo and Sylvia
  • Date May 2021-current
  • Type Comics, Graphic novel

A study of head-motion-pattern while reading



I will constantly melt when i don't receive her message...

named Echo's new guitar Elmtart

After the anesthetization

等待Echo手術結束和麻藥後甦醒的幾個小時恍若隔世...幸好初步病理報告是良性 ಥ_ಥ

Every minute waiting for Echo to wake up from the fully anesthetisation surgery seemed to be one year ... fortunately the first stage pathological report showed that the tumour was benign.
So many things happened during the past few months and I couldn’t even describe them. But no matter that happens, we’ll face them together.